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The “Ota City Promotion Site” (hereafter called this Website) is managed by the Public Hearing and Public Relations Division of the Planning and Management Department of Ota City. Please read the following terms and conditions before accessing or using this Website. Please understand that when you use this Website, we regard that you have agreed to the following terms and conditions. Please also understand prior to your usage that the content of the following terms and conditions may be changed without notice.


The copyright of the content of this Website is in principle owned by Ota City or the relevant persons. It is prohibited to copy, reprint, loan, distribute or sell the literary works of this Website without permission regardless of profit or non-profit reasons.


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Exemption Clause

Regarding the information published on this Website, we do not guarantee its validity, accuracy and completeness despite our best efforts to exercise all possible cautions. The content of this Website (including the management terms and conditions) and URL may be changed or deleted without notice. This Website may be interrupted or terminated without notice. Ota City bears no responsibility for any damage or problems that may directly or indirectly occur to the users of this Website while using this Website.


On this Website, the acts that correspond or threaten to correspond to the following items are prohibited.
To send or write harmful computer programs.
 ・To change the programs, to conduct reverse engineering or analysis, and produce or distribute utilities.
 ・To infringe on the property, rights or privacy of a third party.
 ・To cause obstructions to management through illegal access and others.
 ・To engage in any other acts that violate laws and regulations, or are contrary to public order or morality.


This Website is in principle link free. Nonetheless when linking, you must comply with the following terms and conditions.
 ・To explicitly describe linking to the Ota City Promotion Website.
 ・To conduct no such settings that display the Ota City Website on your own website by using frames.
We strictly prohibit any link to websites that may damage the credibility of Ota City such as websites contrary to public order or morality.

Private information

Private information means any personally identifiable information such as addresses, names, phone numbers, and email addresses.
We guarantee the safety of collecting, using and managing personal information,and use it only for the purpose of answering the relevant questions by our users.
Regarding personally identifiable information among information collected from our users, except some cases prescribed by laws and regulations, we will never provide or open it to a third party without the prior consent of the user in question.

About user information which does not include private information

This Website automatically collects Internet domain names, IP addresses, and information upon viewing of this Website, etc. (hereafter called the Users’ Information). The collected Users’ Information does not include any private information, is limited to content for the purposes of improvement of usability, and will only be used within that scope. However, statistically processed access information collected by this Website and information on viewing environment, etc. can be publicized.

About the use of Google Analytics

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Browsing environment (recommended browsers, plugins, etc.)

About recommended browsers
When using this website, the following environments are recommended.
・Internet Explorer 11 or later.
・Latest version of Google Chrome.
・Latest version of Firefox.
・Latest version of Safari.
Please be aware prior to your usage that when JavaScript is turned off in your website browser, the content of this site may not be correctly displayed or function.


Management outline of Ota City Promotion website

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