Community guidelines for SNS

Every account managed by the Public Hearing and Public Relations Division of Ota City has the following community guidelines set. Only after you have agreed to the content of the guidelines may you start to use each account.

About management

Manager: Public Hearing and Public Relations Division of Ota City.

List of accounts

Twitter: Ota City Promotion “Unique Ota” (@Unique_Ota)(@Unique_Ota

Facebook: Ota City Promotion “Unique Ota” (@otacp.uniqueota)(@otacp.uniqueota

Instagram: Unique Ota (@unique_ota).(@unique_ota

Operation hours: From 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on weekdays (except the year-end, year-beginning and holidays). Exceptional transmission can occur any time or any day.

Duration of operation: The operation of these accounts may be terminated or the contents deleted without notice at any time.

About correspondence including replies

About our follow-up

We cannot follow every follower in every account. We may follow some users who are not followers of one of our accounts.

Exemption Clause


You must not engage in the following acts while using any of our SNS accounts. If such acts that are relevant to the following acts are found, we may delete the comments, block the posting accounts, or cancel the follow-ups.

Harmful programs.

Operation criteria for Ota City Promotion SNS.


Public Hearing and Public Relations Division, Ota City