Background of strategy development

The Ota City Promotion Strategy was developed to centralize and disseminate information about various local assets and resources of Ota City strategically and effectively.
By promoting the strategy, the city aims to attract more inbound tourists from home and abroad, revitalize local economy, have local residents take civic pride, and improve the area potential.


Basic policy

1. To improve attractiveness, recognition, and image of the city
2. To become a destination of choice
3. To become a popular place to live and work


Goal and targets

To promote an extended stay by visitors from home and abroad, facilitate their exchanges with locals, and develop a city that locals love and feel proud of, through the best use of Haneda Airport.

Visitors from home and abroad who use Haneda Airport 
Locals who have not yet recognized various appeals of the city
Vendors and organizations who can cooperate for the city promotio

3.Characteristics and strength of Ota City (Catching)
Culture Airport Tourism Community

Health&Sports Industry Nature Gourmet



10 years from FY2019


Strategy indices

Index 1: Index of fostering degree of local’s civic pride
Index 2: Index of development of visitors’ recognition and image


Development of brand message and logomark

Brand message

“Unique” is being the only one of its kind, unlike anything else, or original. “Unique Ota” means “only in Ota City.”
The brand message will be used as a term to convey various appeals and value of Ota City to people in and outside the city.


A design competition was held among the students of Nihon Kogakuin College, and three finalists were selected. One with the largest number of votes gained through the popular referendum was
adopted officially as a logomark.


Key measures and initiatives

1:Effective external communication

Establishment of the official website
To centralize and disseminate information about the city’s attractiveness, events organized by local businesses, etc., to people in and outside the city.
Use of media
To increase the attractiveness and recognition of the city through increased media exposure. To provide information more effectively by introducing new PR methods in addition to conventional

2:Use of events

To revitalize local economy through tourists’ extended stay and more lively shopping streets by providing “a city platform” to promote the city’s attractiveness through the events organized by the
city or local businesses or to lure the events with strong drawing power.

3:Discovery, refinement, and creation of local assets and resources

To develop a framework to discover, refine, and create various appealing points and hidden local resources only available in Ota City to promote the use (visit or experience) of such resources by
locals and non-locals.
To promote effective and proactive communication to increase interest and visit intention to increase visitors and recognition of the local resources.


Development of the action plan (first stage)

An action plan was developed to describe short-term goals and specific actions and promote the strategy steadily, effectively, and efficiently toward the achievement of the strategy goal.
In officially starting the city promotion action, a plan period will be set as the three years from 2019 to 2021 during which to promote the city promotion initiatives focusing on tourists to Japan, taking advantage of an opportunity when interest in Japan is growing and visitors to Japan are increasing through international events such as Tokyo 2020 Games.