Area of Ota City

Ota City is conveniently situated in close proximity to Haneda Airport and with great access to downtown Tokyo and Yokohama.Ota City is also said to be Tokyo itself and very unique with its multiple faces, from small factories and craftsmen with reliable techniques, lively shopping streets, peaceful residential areas to green spaces where nature still thrives.

Area map of Ota City

Area map of Ota City Senzokuike Den-enchofu Omori and Sanno Ikegami Yaguchi Kamata Waterfront Area Rokugo Haneda
Area map of Ota City Senzokuike Den-enchofu Omori and Sanno Ikegami Yaguchi Kamata Waterfront Area Rokugo Haneda
Area Map of Ota City Senzokuike Den-enchofu Omori and Sanno Ikegami Yaguchi Kamat Waterfront Area Rokugo Haneda

Kamata (Kamata, Umeyashiki, Hasunuma)

The busiest area in the city with a terminal station.
Kamata is the hub town to Haneda Airport, Yokohama, and other major destinations, withJR, Tokyu Line, and Keikyu Line serving the area.With one of the leading commercial and shopping districts in Tokyo, the town is full ofunique specialty shops and various types of restaurants side by side.

Omori and Sanno (Omori, Magome, Nishi-magome)

Area where novelists used to live.
The east side of Omori Station is enlivened with a block of office buildings and shopping quarters, while the west side is a quiet residential district.The area contains Magome Bunshimura where famous novelists, such as YasunariKawabata, Shiro Ozaki, and Hanako Muraoka, used to live from late Taisho to early Showa.

Ikegami (Ikegami)

A temple town in the urban area.
The town has been long flourished around the Ikegami Honmonji Temple, the main temple of Nichiren Sect of Buddhism.Oeshiki in every October attracts about 300,000 visitors, and the area becomes lively.

Waterfront Area (Omori Kaigan, Heiwajima, Omorimachi, Ryutsu Center)

Area where visitors can enjoy the seaside.
The waterfront area contains “Omori Furusato-no-Hamabe Park,” Tokyo’s only public seaside park and other parks where people can enjoy physical activities like field athletics.Visitors can also enjoy seaside atmosphere, for example, by taking a picture of airplanes flying over the sea or watching birds.

Haneda (Kojiya, Otorii, Anamori Inari, Tenkubashi, Haneda Airport)

Town of Haneda Airport connecting the world.
This area close to Haneda Airport was thriving as a fishing town. At present, it represents a business face of Ota City with commercial arcades and small factories. In Kojiya Awa Odori Festival and Haneda Matsuri, pompous and lively local festivals held every year, people can see the unique way to carry a portable shrine, commonly known as “yokota.”

Rokugo (Zoshiki, Rokugodote)

Town that is always bustling with people.
Rokugo is the most populous area in the city with residential streets spreading out. Zoshiki Shopping District stretching from the east to the west of Zoshiki Station is one with the largest number of stores in the city, enlivened with many shoppers every day. A vast green belt spreads along the Tama River, attracting many people who enjoy physical activities over the weekend. There is always a large crowd in this area.

Den-enchofu (Den-en-chofu, Tamagawa, Numabe)

Nationally known dream town.
A green town full of nature and a residential area regularly ranked high in the popularity vote.People can enjoy seasonally different colors, including beautiful streets with a row of ginkgo and cherry blossom trees as well as Tamagawadai Park famous for hydrangeas.

Senzokuike (Ookayama, Kita-senzoku, Nagahara, Senzoku-ike, Ishikawa-dai, Yukigaya- otsuka, Ontakesan, Kugahara)

Area with a historical atmosphere and nature.
Senzokuike is a town remembered in connection with Kaishu Katsu. The area fascinated many artists and was represented in their works.In Senzokuike Park, people can enjoy seasonal views, like cherry blossoms in spring and colored leaves in autumn.

Yaguchi (Unoki, Shimomaruko, Chidoricho, Musashi-nitta, Yaguchi-no-watashi)

Area where you can wile away.
Residential areas and factory zones are mixed together in these towns along Tokyu Tamagawa Line and Ikegami Line running throughout the city.Musashi-nitta has the “Creative Town Lab. TAMAGAWA,” where hands-on monozukuriexperiences and talk events are regularly organized.A little walk brings you to Tamagawa Green Space, where you can get refreshed while enjoying seasonal beauty.