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[Special] Direct Interview with the Tokyo Haneda Vickies Professional Women’s Basketball Team (the Latter Part)

The three players told us about places they recommended and about the Vickies!

This is the latter part of the interview with the three players from the Tokyo Haneda Vickies, the only professional women’s basketball team in Tokyo. We asked them about their favorite places and shops in Ota City this time!
We also asked them about their typical activities as the Vickies.

Click the link for the first part →[Special] Direct Interview with the Tokyo Haneda Vickies Professional Women’s Basketball Team (the First Part)

Ms. Hana Okuda
Ms. Chinami Akimoto
Ms. Monique Aymelek
Tell us about some places in Ota City that you recommend!

―― What is your favorite place in Ota City?
Ms. Okuda:It has to be Omori Furusato-no-Hamabe Park. I go there to enjoy the scenery.

Ms. Akimoto:My favorite place is by the river near Tenkubashi Station. Because it’s so close to the airport, I was really into watching the planes there for a while. I’m also interested in Haneda Innovation City. I haven’t been there yet, so I want to check it out soon.

Ms. Aymelek:For me, it’s PLANETARIUM Starry Cafe in Haneda Airport Terminal 3. It’s a planetarium cafe where you can enjoy stars while eating. You can relax while you wait for your flight there. It’s definitely recommended! I’ve been there with Kou (Ms. Akimoto), too (laughs). In the evening, they serve alcohol such as cocktails, so it’s like a bar and it looks nice.

Haneda Innovation City, which opened on July 3rd, 2020 (left) and Omori Furusato-no-Hamabe Park (right)

―― Please tell us your favorite shops.
Ms. Akimoto:My favorite is definitely Udon-ya Daisaku!The owner is such a great guy. He’s very passionate about supporting us, and I can feel his love for us when I talk to him. I went there for the first time a few years ago. Someone on the staff told me they knew a good udon place, and they took me there after an event. It was so good that I became a regular. Now, many of my friends are also fans of Daisaku’s udon and tempura.

With the owner of Udon-ya Daisaku

Kamata Special (wasabi) (left) and Spicy Salted Cod Roe Udon (right) (©️Tokyo Haneda Vickies)

“You can choose the Kamata Special with one of three flavors, wasabi, ginger, or shibazuke pickles. My all-time favorite is wasabi flavor!” (Ms. Akimoto)

Ms. Aymelek:My favorite is also Udon-ya Daisaku. I recommend the Kamata Special and Spicy Salted Cod Roe Butter Udon! When my family comes to Tokyo, they always want to go to Daisaku, so that’s become sort of a tradition for us.

Ms. Okuda:Ohhh, now I’m craving it (laughs)! I recommend Daisaku of course, but also the bakery, boulangerie mimolette (that we spoke of in the first part). All the breads and pastries are very good, but I recommend the Milk France! It’s the most popular product; it’s a soft baguette with condensed milk buttercream inside. I buy it every time I go there! When you come to Ota City, I’d love for everyone to try it out.

We asked questions to the manager of the Vickies!
Tell us all about the Vickies!

(©️Tokyo Haneda Vickies)

―― Please tell us about the typical activities of the Vickies.
In the past, we mainly practiced at Yamato Forum in Anamori-inari, but since last year, due to the place and time restrictions from the COVID-19 outbreak, we now use several practice spaces and practice about 5 to 6 days a week, and 3 to 4 hours a day. Prior to the COVID-19 situation, we participated in many community events and held basketball classes as instructors, but many of them have been canceled for now. We feel sad that we don’t have as much interaction with the fans and sponsor companies as we would like.

―― Please tell us about how W League official games are going.
This season of W League (Women’s Japan Basketball League) started on September 19th, 2020, but due to COVID-19, the 12 teams are split into 6 teams each in the east and west to hold matches. The matches are carried out with reduced audience attendance, but a lot of Vickies fans come to the venue. The audience is asked not to cheer with their voices, but they still cheer for us by clapping the Vickies Call (*) with their hands, giving the team a lot of energy. The Vickies finished up the first half of the season with a record of 2 wins and 8 losses. The latter half of the season was supposed to start on January 9th this year, but as a consequence of the State of Emergency Declaration due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the game schedule has changed.
Please check out the schedule on the following page.

(©️Tokyo Haneda Vickies)

*Vickies Call... A rallying cry, “Go, go, Vickies!” with synchronized clapping that matches the cry, “Clap, clap, clap, clap.” Under the circumstances, the fans are just performing the clapping part.

―― Please tell us where the name, Tokyo Haneda Vickies, came from.
Each letter in the word Vickies has its own meaning. Victorious, Intensity, Courage, Knowledge, Integrity, Energy, and Strength. The name Vickies was selected during a community contest when the team was still the Ebara Corporation Basketball Club, which was the predecessor of the Vickies. When we adopted the new name, we also added Haneda, which is a symbol of Ota City and the gateway to Tokyo. It is our hope that the brand image of the region and the future widespread activity of the team will be linked. The Vickies are growing with the support of a warm local community, fans, and sponsor companies. We will continue to aim to be the best team in Japan in order to contribute to making Ota City a place with a smile and vitality through basketball!

Official character, Vicky-chan plays an important role as well!

(©️Tokyo Haneda Vickies)
The Vickies also have a cute and reliable helper called Vicky-chan. Vicky-chan not only comes to the venues for games, but also participates in community events, showing off her dance moves. Please try looking for her when you get a chance.

Now we know how close the Vickies players are with one another, as well as the warmth of the local fans. We hope to continue to support the Vickies, who are invigorating Ota City with community-based activities, while delivering dreams and excitement to us through powerful basketball play!

Official website of Tokyo Haneda Vickies: http://vickies.jp/
SNS of the team members:
Ms. Aymelek… Twitter@merumoni5/Instagram@aimoni_2
Ms. Akimoto… Twitter@Chinamiiko7/Instagram@chiiiii_na
Ms. Okuda… Twitter@hana_f5

*Note: For the latest information on hours, etc., please directly check with each facility and shop.
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