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Shopping Streets

There are 140 shopping streets in Ota City, the largest number in Tokyo.
The following are some of such friendly, lively, traditional shopping streets.

Pula Mall Umeyashiki Shopping Street

A shopping street with about 140 stores along a stretch of 555 meters from Umeyashiki Station of the Keikyu Main Line to Toho-Idai Road.
The shopping street was designated as the first model shopping street as part of “My Town Concept” created by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 1981 for its community-based warmth.
Near Umeyashiki Station of Keikyu Main Line

Zoshiki Shopping Street

The most bustling shopping street in Ota City with about 250 member stores.
You can try various take-out foods along the street, and, since, it has an arcade section of about 150 meters from the station, even a rainy day is not a problem.

Kojiya Shopping Street

Various events, including annual Awa Odori Festival in the summer, are held in this shopping street.
An open-air market Kojiya-Ichi is held on the 4th Friday and Saturday of every month.
Near Kōjiya Station of Keikyu Airport Line

Ookayama-Kitaguchi Shopping Street

A common people’s bustling shopping street with the stores from the old days being lined up.
It features a wide range of stores carrying from expensive food ingredients to coffee beans in a stretch of about 500 meters.
It is located in the boundary between Ota City and Meguro City and is home to Tokyu Hospital (Japan’s first hospital on-the-station) and Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Near Ookayama Station of Tokyu Oimachi Line, etc.

Kamata Nishiguchi Shopping Street

There are two arcades (Sunroad and Sunrise) where you can enjoy shopping even on a rainy day.
This shopping area organizes various events that both adults and children can enjoy, such as a carnival, Halloween festival, and cosplay contest.
Near Kamata Station of Tokyu Ikegami Line and Tamagawa Line
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